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Cupola Creations has found these offsite links of interest.  Maybe you will too.

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General Reference:

M. Harden's Artchive home page.  An impressive collection of the works of notable artists throughout the ages.  The Artchive section offers an alphabetical listing of the artists and their works.  Site also includes art theory and criticism, as well as special exhibitions.  An excellent resource, loaded with information and pictures.

The American Memories Project.  An impressive photographic database covering a broad range of American subjects, including a huge collection of historic architectural drawings and building images.

Chuck LaChiusa's Illustrated Architectural Dictionary.  A great resource, with excellent examples taken from historic buildings in Buffalo, New York.  Part of the his Buffalo Architecture and History website.

Business Friends:  Our sister business site.  Cupola Consulting is a Silicon Valley based company that offers system and network administration, computer support, and architectural cadd management services.

Art Object Gallery.  A commercial art gallery in San Jose, CA.  Host of the Momentum show, where Cupola Creations and twenty some other Silicon Valley based artists displayed some of their pieces in February, 2009.

The Center for Cultural Innovation.  A California based nonprofit organization whose mission is "to promote knowledge sharing, networking and financial independence for individual artists and creative entrepreneurs by providing business training, grants and loans, and incubating innovative projects that create new program knowledge, tools and practices for artists in the field."

The Silicon Valley Artists Collaborative.  A website for artists of all flavors who have made the tech driven Silicon Valley their home.  Although not currently active in it, yours truly had been among its founding members.

Artist Friends:  Our non-commercial sister site.  An eclectic, entertaining, and educational website celebrating cupolas, architecture, art, and picturesque landscapes.  Also features a cupola FAQ, state capitol building histories, wordplay, and a fine collection of architecture, art, and Autocad related links.

Erica Goss, award-winning poet, author, and teacher.  Her San Jose Contemporary Art column at the Examiner explores the Silicon Valley art scene and profiles some of the local talent.  In August of 2009, it featured a story on your host.

Laura Callin Bennett.  Silicon Valley based artist who creates stylized animal, people, and abstract designs in India ink and acrylic paint.

Lori Krein Studios.  Silicon Valley based artist working in collage, decoupage, and assemblage.  Artwork includes representational and abstract work, masks, eco-friendly assemblage, and poetic works.

P.C. Hodgell.  Site of the Wisconsin based fantasy author and artist features excerpts from her ongoing "God Stalk" book series, and samples of her stained glass, book illustrations, and other artwork.  Also features works of her late artist parents, Robert Overman Hodgell and Lois Hodgell.

Fun Links:

Samuel Stoddard's Brain Food site.  Offers word, number, and logic puzzles that will keep your brain cells well nourished.

The Internet Movie Database.  Reviews of over 300,000 movies, including ones coming and recently released.

Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird.  Official site of the syndicated news column that covers a few of the stranger news stories each week.  A lighthearted catalog of made-up and unconventional words and phrases.  You may even submit your own creations for possible inclusion.


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